About this template:

This theme is a low key upgrade of the regular public Notion page. Softer color's, rounded corners, simplified top bar, beautiful animations, tables & galleries.

Check out the demo:

<aside> 👉 Personal Website


<aside> 👉 Fruition Plus (this website)


View un-styled Notion page:

<aside> 👉 [Personal Website (Notion page)](](


<aside> 👉 Fruition Plus (Notion page)


How to use this template?

  1. Buy the template via Gumroad. The template comes in form of

  2. Set up a Notion website following the steps from

  3. Use the provided Fruition Plus script or CSS code. Replace the CSS code in the Fruition script with the Fruition Plus CSS or replace the entire script and update it with your information. Done.

    <aside> 👉 Step by step Installation Instructions


    <aside> 👉 Notion Plus Fruition Plus Script and CSS code.


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